Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro

<p>Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro 1997 - 1998 (November 1997) super lightweight, super-fast response speed is the Air Jordan 13 ⅫI features design inspired by the cheetah, of course, very strong demand from Michael and the desire to win on the court civet-like agility. ⅫI with rounded Zoom Air cushion, imitation leopard eye "night" holographic image appears originality, as well as carbon fiber elastic supporting plate can be adapted to violent action. When the season sixth in the finals play against the Utah Jazz game, Jordan played his most famous stunt shots. (In fact, he was wearing at the time of the game is the early release of AIR JORDAN ⅪV shoes.) Bulls eventually won the championship for three consecutive years. Chicago team became the first team in NBA history the second time three consecutive team. . Click order for the most up to date Air Jordan 13 release dates, information, and colorways, order Cheap Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro</p>
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