Air Jordan XVIII (18) Retro

<p>Air Jordan XVIII (18) Retro AIR JORDAN XⅧ: 2002 - 2003 (February 2003) This shoes introduced another innovative design. This is the first AIR JORDAN series of products with integrated basketball shoe uppers, patented carbon fiber comfort control supporting plate and double Zoom Air technology provides super support and cushioning. By tension and very elegant style of the Italian sports car design inspiration excitation, AJXⅧ all strive for excellence shoes set new standards for functionality and technology. Michael in his final season with the NBA All-Star Game this section shall be worn sneakers. April 16, 2003, after the finish the last game, but Jordan is the third time last farewell to the basketball court. Click order for the most up to date Air Jordan 18 release dates, information, and colorways, order CheapAir Jordan XVIII (18) Retro</p>
Air Jordan XVIII (18) Retro-1
Air Jordan XVIII (18) Retro-2
Air Jordan XVIII (18) Retro-3
Air Jordan XVIII (18) Retro-4
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